I just opened my December 6, 2015 Sunday newspaper, and in it is an article warning that 44 percent with high cholesterol risk do not take medications. A new study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has found the nearly half of all Americans with high cholesterol levels are not taking medications that will lower their risk of heart attack and or stroke. The study says that these medications have been shown to drive down the rates of heart attack and stroke. Really? Where is proof? I can’t find any. The CDC thinks that the people not taking the drugs are making a big mistake. I say good for them! There is no credible scientific proof that cholesterol drugs lower the risk of heart attack or stroke. Meanwhile, there is enormous scientific proof of the harm they do.

The whole cholesterol thing is pure nonsense. It’s a phony issue designed to sell drugs, and cholesterol drugs are the top selling drugs in the world. Cholesterol does not cause heart attacks and strokes. This is why half of all heart attacks occur in people with normal cholesterol. So if cholesterol is not the problem, what is? The problem is inflammation. Inflammation oxidizes cholesterol. That is the problem, not the cholesterol itself. So the need is not to lower cholesterol, but to lower inflammation. Lowering inflammation can be done in safe and simple ways, such as supplementing with vitamins C and E, but that doesn’t make money for the doctors and drug companies.

Meanwhile, cholesterol drugs wreak havoc in the human body. Muscle pain and fatigue are major problems. Memory loss and nervous system diseases such as ALS are other problems. Diabetes and congestive heart failure are additional side effects. Cancer is another side effect. A study in the New England Journal of Medicine found that breast cancer rates were 1,500 percent higher in women taking these drugs. Keep in mind that the disease industry is trying real hard to hide the truth.