For the last century, we have unwittingly conducted a vast and complex chemistry experiment—we now live in a sea of toxins. This experiment in chemical living is having a catastrophic effect on our health, interfering with vital biologic processes and causing our cells and systems to malfunction. Yet this experiment is not only continuing; it is expanding.

Each year, more and more toxic chemicals are put into our environment. Our bodies are bio-accumulating hundreds of these toxins, which are being passed on to unborn babies, damaging their future health. We get sicker as we get older because we progressively become more toxic. We are now one of the most polluted species on the planet. These chemicals are scrambling our biochemistry, causing massive cellular malfunction, resulting in all kinds of disease including cancer.

By retirement age, our accumulated toxic loads are more than sufficient to cause cancer. To make matters worse, the detoxification capacity of our kidneys and liver diminishes with age, further challenging older people, who already have the highest accumulations of toxic chemicals. Contributing even more to this toxic overload, most older people are on prescription drugs. Drugs are toxic chemicals that add substantially to their total toxic load, causing an epidemic of fatigue, poor memory, disorientation and premature death.

Resistance to disease plummets as toxins build up in our bodies. The threat to our health comes not only from individual chemicals, but also from the total chemical load we are accumulating and the interactions of the hundreds of chemicals stored in our tissues. Certain chemicals in combination become thousands of times more toxic than any one acting alone. Certain food additives, which alone do not harm test animals, will kill them when fed to them in combination.

Babies are being born loaded with toxins acquired from their mothers, causing an epidemic of birth defects, hyperactivity disorders, learning disabilities, and childhood cancer. It’s scary that almost nothing is known about the toxicity of the millions of possible combinations of these various chemicals and their carcinogenicity under various circumstances. Toxins compromise immunity, and the result is a body that is not capable of destroying the excessive numbers of cancerous cells that are being produced. Sooner or later, some of these cells survive and multiply, and then you have cancer.

The body is able to cope with toxins to a certain point; then you get sick! Some researchers believe we have already crossed the line and may have compromised all future life on the planet. As bad as things are, there are actions each of us can take to reduce the impact of toxins on our health. You can do three things:

  1. reduce your daily exposure to toxins,
  2. nutritionally support your detoxification systems, and
  3. remove stored toxins from your body.

You can learn how to do these three things simply by reading the chapter on toxins in any of my five Raymond Francis books. If you do this well, your body will thank you with the gift of better health.

Have a great week everyone! 😀