A growing number of Americans are using air fresheners in their homes and cars. In fact, about 75 percent of American homes use some form of them. This is a big mistake. Air fresheners currently undergo no safety testing, and rather than freshen the air, they release numerous toxic chemicals into the air. There are only two causes of disease—deficiency and toxicity.  Air freshener toxins accumulate in your fatty tissues, with the danger increasing over time as they build up inside your body and cause disease. Then, our poorly-trained physicians tell us that we’re sick because we’re are older—not because we’re toxic.

The National Resources Defense Council conducted independent testing on common air fresheners, finding that 86 percent of them contained harmful chemicals called phthalates. Phthalates have been linked with hormonal abnormalities, reproductive problems, birth defects, and cancer. They impact hormone levels, leading to a wide range of health problems. They are especially harmful to children.  Some of the products containing phthalates were being advertised as “all-natural.”

Dichlorobenzene is another chemical found in most air fresheners. It has been reported that dichlorobenzene is the reason why so many pet birds die directly after the use of air fresheners. Long-term exposure can damage blood cells, the liver, kidneys, lungs, the nervous system, and cause cancer.

Synthetic fragrances are another problem, which is why many companies sell unscented options. Seventy-two percent of asthmatics cite fragrances as a trigger in causing asthma attacks. Some fragrances are known to cause changes in blood flow, blood pressure, mood, and trigger migraine headaches. Synthetic fragrances contain benzene and aldehydes, which are known to cause cancers, reproductive effects, and problems with the central nervous system, resulting in increased cases of Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s.

Always remember, health is choice. If you want health, you must choose to stop putting toxins into your body and into your home.