The Tragedy of Modern Medicine

After spending trillions of dollars on medical research, modern medicine has made no progress in addressing our growing epidemic of chronic disease. For example, over a trillion dollars has been...

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The Estrogen Problem – both men and women can have estrogen dominance

Hormonal imbalance is epidemic in our disease ridden society. Hormones are part of the body’s communications system. They are messenger molecules that instruct our cells to perform certain actions....

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44% With Cholesterol Risk Don’t Take Meds – More Disease Industry Propaganda

I just opened my December 6, 2015 Sunday newspaper, and in it is an article warning that 44 percent with high cholesterol risk do not take medications. A new study by the Centers for Disease Control...

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Kiss Your Doctor Goodbye – You Don’t Have to be Sick

Don’t ask me how I am feeling, unless you’re prepared to get the same answer day in and day out. I feel great! We are continually reminded how unhealthy we are as a nation ─ we pay more for health...

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Arsenic is Toxic! – So Why Are We Adding it to Our Tap Water?

Arsenic is a poisonous substance that is known to cause cancer and many other serious health problems. There are parts of the world where the drinking water is high in arsenic. These include...

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