Mortality Is Up

People are dying at a faster rate… According to a 2017 report from the Centers for Disease Control, the U.S. mortality rate is going up after decades of decline. Cardiovascular disease—strokes and...

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Heart Disease—Preventing and Reversing

The single largest contributor to heart disease is vitamin C deficiency. In 1993, Nobel laureate Dr. Linus Pauling began telling people about the power of vitamin C to prevent and reverse heart...

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Are You Supplementing With Magnesium? – Magnesium Deficiency is a Silent Epidemic

Magnesium deficiency is a pressing national health problem. Dietary intake of magnesium has gone down dramatically over the past 100 years, and according to the USDA, 80 percent of Americans are...

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iPad Glow and Your Health – Don’t Use Within Four Hours of Bedtime

Technology is rapidly changing the world and how we live our lives, but not all the changes are good. Increasingly, we are exposing ourselves to the blue glow of electronic devices such as...

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Preventive Healthcare Now – Prevent Disease from Bankrupting America

We already know how to end the epidemic of chronic disease. We don’t have to be sick. All we have to do is take what we know and put it to work. We must build a preventative health-care system in...

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The Miracle of Magnesium

Magnesium may be the single most important mineral you can put into your body, yet most Americans are deficient in magnesium. In fact, most doctor’s patients have suboptimal magnesium levels, and...

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The Quality of Vitamins and Its Impact on Your Health

Why do I sell Beyond Health vitamins? After my physicians almost succeeded in killing me back in 1985 (my death was a medical certainty), I used my knowledge of biochemistry to save my life and...

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