Cruising is fun! Just don’t breathe the exhaust

The cruise industry is booming, with average annual passenger growth of over seven percent. It keeps ordering new and ever bigger ships. However, everything has its hazards, and one of the hazards...

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A Sea of Toxins – Killing us slowly

For the last century, we have unwittingly conducted a vast and complex chemistry experiment—we now live in a sea of toxins. This experiment in chemical living is having a catastrophic effect on our...

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iPad Glow and Your Health – Don’t Use Within Four Hours of Bedtime

Technology is rapidly changing the world and how we live our lives, but not all the changes are good. Increasingly, we are exposing ourselves to the blue glow of electronic devices such as...

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What About Alkaline-Water Ionizers…I Wouldn’t Buy One

Many people ask me about alkaline water. The spectacular benefits of alkaline water are said to include Alzheimer’s prevention, detoxification, hair growth, normalizing blood pressure, and improved...

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Clinton on Blood Thinner – A Big Mistake

The Clinton campaign has released a letter from Hillary’s physician giving her a clean bill of health for the campaign, but revealing that she is being treated with the drug Coumadin (also called...

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