Cruising is fun! Just don’t breathe the exhaust

The cruise industry is booming, with average annual passenger growth of over seven percent. It keeps ordering new and ever bigger ships. However, everything has its hazards, and one of the hazards...

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Immunity and Vitamin C – Your best defense

With the cold and flu season upon us once again, it is important to remind ourselves that germs don’t cause disease. It is we who cause infections by changing the balance between us and the microbes...

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How to Support Your Immune System – The Immune System is the Ultimate Control of Infections

There is absolutely no need for anyone to suffer from a cold or flu. With the advent of every flu season, I get a flurry of questions about how to support immunity. The strength of your immune...

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Sugar Will Kill You – Killing You Slowly

Years ago, when I was doing my syndicated coast-to-coast radio show, a man called in one day and asked if he were to do only one thing to improve his health, what would that be. I thought for a...

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Raymond Francis has been cited as “one of the few scientists who has achieved a breakthrough understanding of health and disease.”

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