Glyphosate is Making You Sick

And you need to protect yourself… Glyphosate is the most common weed killer in the world, the active ingredient in Roundup. The glyphosate problem is so huge, it is hard to know where to begin to...

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Cruising is fun! Just don’t breathe the exhaust

The cruise industry is booming, with average annual passenger growth of over seven percent. It keeps ordering new and ever bigger ships. However, everything has its hazards, and one of the hazards...

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Pregnancy and Vitamins

You need the vitamins… Women who take vitamins during pregnancy have smarter children. A 2017 study in Lancet Global Health found that taking vitamins during pregnancy boosted a child’s cognitive...

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Raymond Francis has been cited as “one of the few scientists who has achieved a breakthrough understanding of health and disease.”

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