Probiotics for Colds – They shorten the number of sick days

In a society where our microbiomes have been irreparably damaged by our poor diets, toxins in our food, chlorine in our water, and worst of all, by taking antibiotics, taking probiotics is a good...

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Antibiotics: A Major Source of Disease – You don’t need them in the first place

Praised as one of modern medicine’s greatest achievements, antibiotics are in fact one of its greatest blunders. Extremely destructive to the human body, antibiotics are a major source of disease.  ...

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The Missing Link to Good Health – Are You Getting Enough Fiber?

Getting adequate amounts of fiber can be your missing link to better health. Many health experts recommend consuming 35 to 50 grams of fiber per day. The average American gets about 15 grams. This...

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Do You Use Artificial Sweeteners – They Disrupt Gut Bacteria

Artificial sweeteners are toxic, manmade molecules that are dangerous to your health and can even cause you to gain weight. Adding to the warnings about artificial sweeteners, a 2014 study in the...

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Good News! For the Russians…GMOs Banned in Russia

Good for the Russians, and shame on us. Russia has just banned the cultivation of GMO crops as well as the import of GMO foods. More than 30 countries, including France, Germany, Latvia, and Greece...

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