Vaccination Damage and Vitamin C

An increasing number of parents are choosing not to vaccinate their children in order to protect them from the lifelong harm caused by vaccines. Meanwhile the disease industry is pushing back...

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How to Support Your Immune System – The Immune System is the Ultimate Control of Infections

There is absolutely no need for anyone to suffer from a cold or flu. With the advent of every flu season, I get a flurry of questions about how to support immunity. The strength of your immune...

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Good News for Kids In California – Shouldn’t every school district be doing this?

The Sausalito Marin City School District in Marin County, California is now feeding healthy food to the kids. Imagine that! Sausalito is now the first in the nation to serve 100 percent organic...

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Get the Aluminum Out – Another Reason to Avoid Vaccinations

There is an old adage, “Get the lead out.” Lead is toxic and we would never consider injecting lead in to human body. Well, aluminum is toxic—and we are injecting it into our bodies with vaccines....

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Preventing the Flu – Eat a Better Diet and Supplement

One of the worst things you can do to yourself is getting a flu shot. The benefits are almost nonexistent, and the risks are substantial. People getting flu shot double their risk of getting the...

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