Chemotherapy drugs are so dangerous; they are even killing healthcare workers. Today, most cancer patients die from their treatment and not from their cancer.  It is well known in the cancer industry that chemotherapy is dangerous and that it doesn’t work. Tragically, most people do chemotherapy because they think it’s their only option. About 80 percent of all cancer patients get chemotherapy—a dangerous choice in exchange for no benefits. Statistics show that about 98 percent of patients who opt for chemotherapy would actually live longer and have higher quality lives if they opted to do nothing at all.

While the damage done to cancer patients is well established, few know that chemotherapy drugs have taken a deadly toll on the hospital and clinic workers who handled them. Many thousands of health care workers were exposed to these dangerous chemicals, and these workers are being diagnosed with cancers that have been linked to that exposure.

Studies have found contamination in areas where workers prepare and deliver chemotherapy drugs, as well as finding these chemicals in the blood and urine of nurses and others who work with them. A Danish study found an elevated risk for breast, thyroid, nervous system and brain cancers in the nursing population. Even tiny amounts of these dangerous cancer-causing chemicals are causing cancer in healthy people.

If you are sick, your only real option is to get well. This holds true for cancer.  I wrote my book Never Fear Cancer Again to help ordinary people learn how to get well and stay well.