One day per week does wonders…

Fasting is as old as civilization, and is included in many religious traditions. In my own wellness process, a ten day, water-only fast was a positive turning point in restoring my health. Since then, I fast one day per week and do a seven-to-ten day fast once a year.

After supper on one evening, I eat no food through the entire next day until breakfast the following morning. During that time, I drink water with vitamin C, going about 36 hours without food. Studies show that going more than 24 hours without food has an amazingly beneficial effect on health.

Here’s what happens. Fasting regenerates immune cells, boosts immunity, suppresses autoimmune syndromes, reduces heart disease risk factors, and promotes the growth of new brain cells. Fasting even kills cancer cells. A 2016 study in Nature Medicine found that one day of fasting alternating with normal feeding reverses the progression of leukemia. Fasting is like housecleaning; it kills older, damaged cells and generates new ones.

Prolonged fasting, for more than four days and like I do with my seven-to-ten day fasts, does a big time job of killing older, damaged cells and stimulating the generation of new cells. This renews the body, and it helps to eliminate abnormal cancer cells. It reduces inflammation, which is the foundation of degenerative diseases.

Consider if you fast one day per week that amounts to 52 days per year or seven and a half weeks without food. Along with all the other good effects, that helps with weight loss. Fasting is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.