There is an old adage, “Get the lead out.” Lead is toxic and we would never consider injecting lead in to human body. Well, aluminum is toxic—and we are injecting it into our bodies with vaccines. So get the aluminum out. Aluminum is common in our environment and is found in small amounts in our food, air and our tap water. Aluminum is neurotoxic and its accumulation in our tissues has been linked to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, autism and other neurological diseases.

Our primary source of aluminum is from the additives in processed foods. Fortunately, we don’t absorb a lot from these sources, and we do have the capacity to excrete small amounts of it. Aluminum is also contained in many deodorant products, and in antacids and buffered aspirins—avoid these products.

However, the picture changes dramatically when we inject aluminum directly into the body with a vaccine. Aluminum is added to vaccines to enhance the body’s immune response. Only a small amount of aluminum is absorbed into the body when it is eaten, but virtually all of it is absorbed when it is injected.

Given the toxicity of aluminum and the fact that it is especially dangerous for newborns to be injected with aluminum, why then are we doing this to our children? Their blood brain barrier is not yet fully formed, making them much more susceptible to toxic substances. Yet the insanity of vaccinating infants continues.