A supplement that helps…

According to the Centers for Disease Control, one out of four Americans suffers from arthritis. Of these, half are serious enough to complicate everyday tasks like walking, and are twice as likely to suffer a fall.

This is serious stuff, so what can we do about it. First, don’t have arthritis. This is a disease we give to ourselves with our poor diets and toxic exposures. For example, excess mercury in your system can cause arthritis, and you get mercury from flu shots and eating fish. Everyone needs to get off the Big Four: sugar, wheat, processed oils and dairy. I have seen numerous people cure their arthritis simply by getting wheat or milk and dairy products out of their life. One out of three people with arthritis admit to being inactive. Bad idea. Exercise is one of the best ways to counteract arthritis.

Arthritis is an inflammatory disease. If you have it, you need lots of anti-inflammatory supplements. Vitamin C, vitamin E and essential fatty acids are critical. Flavonoids are also critical, and here is where quercetin comes in. A 2016 study in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition has found that quercetin not only reduces the pain, but also slows the progression of rheumatoid arthritis.

Quercetin is a flavonoid found in numerous colorful fruits and vegetables, but supplementation is usually necessary. Quercetin does many things including fighting free radicals, boosting immunity, regulating blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, acting as an antihistamine, fighting stress, and killing cancer cells.

Everybody should be taking quercetin. The problem is most quercetin supplements have such low bio-availability, they are worthless. The quercetin formula I take contains a powerful combination of highly bio-available quercetin dehydrate along with synergistic pomegranate extract and oligomeric proanthocyanidins. This provides me with 4000 mg of quercetin per day.