Health is not a chance, it’s a choice…

But it’s a choice only you can make. Unfortunately, most people believe that disease is something that just happens because of bad genes or bad luck. Because of this erroneous belief, few people are choosing health and almost everyone is sick. More than 75 percent of us have at least one chronic disease that can be diagnosed. Over age 65, 90 percent have been diagnosed.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Disease can be prevented. If it does occur, it can be reversed. Too often we hear that disease is the result of genetic predisposition, but genes just make us susceptible to disease. They rarely cause it. The most important influences are the fundamental parameters of human health, namely: diet, environment, and behavior. The problem is, in a relatively short period of time, we have radically changed these parameters. These changes are producing progressive breakdowns in cellular integrity and systemic processes, thus distorting our self-regulation and causing disease.

To stay well or get well, we must make new choices regarding diet, environment, and behavior. The human body is a self-repairing, self-regulating system that will maintain good health if we properly support its functions. Disease results when we distort our natural self-regulating processes. The distortions are the result of unwise choices because we don’t care, or we don’t know any better.

Almost all chronic disease can be prevented or put into remission by making different choices. This is a far cry from our current perception where we are misled into thinking that everyone gets sick and the doctor knows best. But the doctor’s treatments for chronic disease are not effective, and usually do more harm than the disease itself. Modern medicine doesn’t cure disease; it suppresses the symptoms with toxic chemicals, radiation, and surgery. None of these address the causes of disease, and all of them damage health. This is why medical intervention has become the leading cause of death in America.

To sum up, disease is the result of long-term imbalances in the body’s self-regulating systems. These imbalances are brought about by making inappropriate choices regarding our diets, environment, and behavior. Each of us has the power to choose health over disease. By knowing what our bad choices are, we can change these habits, choose new action, and effect changes in our biochemistry that will redirect our lives toward health and well being. No matter what your state of health, it is possible to make new choices, to improve, and to go beyond health as you know it.