There is absolutely no need for anyone to suffer from a cold or flu. With the advent of every flu season, I get a flurry of questions about how to support immunity. The strength of your immune system is the ultimate control over whether or not you get a cold, flu, fungal and yeast infections, or even warts and autoimmune syndromes. You win when your immune system is in control.

The challenge is to keep your immunity strong while living in a society that suppresses immunity. The first thing to do is stop damaging your immunity. Learn to control stress—meditate daily. Get immune-suppressing sugar out of your life. Even a teaspoon or two of sugar will suppress your immunity by 50 percent for hours. Avoid vaccinations and immune-damaging drugs like antibiotics. Then give your immune system nutritional support.

There are common nutrients that the immune system needs to function normally. These include vitamins A, C, D, and E, plus zinc and selenium. Taking a sufficient amount of these will prevent or knock out most infections. For example, if I feel a cold coming on, I go up to bowel tolerance on vitamin C, take 50,000 IU of vitamin D, and take extra zinc and selenium. This will knock out a cold in a few hours by giving the immune system the support it needs to do its job. This is why I have suffered only three colds in the last 30 years. The colds I did suffer where due to unusual situations and not having access to the nutrients I needed to protect myself. In one case, I was stuck in a foreign airport for two days without access to supplements.

As always, the quality of the nutrients you are supplementing with is important. Use only high-quality supplements to get the best results.