The single largest cause of cancer may well be the processed oils in our diet. What I call the “supermarket oils” are very damaging to human biochemistry. The membranes surrounding each of our cells, separating what is inside from the outside world, are made primarily of oil. To work as intended, they must be properly constructed with the correct oils. When your diet consists of the usual canola, soybean, sunflower, safflower, soy, corn, most olive oils, and hydrogenated oils, these are the wrong oils. You cannot make healthy membranes form these oils. Poorly constructed membranes result in poor oxygen transport into the cell. This causes a deficiency of oxygen respiration in the cell, which is the primary cause of cancer.

Because of these facts, a German chemist named Johanna Budwig spent decades curing thousands of cases of cancer by changing the patient’s oil. Her success rate was about 90 percent, and she was nominated for a Nobel Prize six times. If you have cancer, you almost certainly need an oil change.

The problem is we have all been brainwashed into thinking cancer is an unstoppable monster, so we don’t even try to cure it. Instead we do standard treatments, which we have known for decades don’t work. If your cancer has already metastasized, conventional treatment has a success rate of essentially zero. Worse than that, standard treatment kills the patient far faster than the cancer would. Cancer is usually a slow killing disease, whereas chemotherapy and radiation are fast killing. This is why studies show that cancer patients who do no treatment at all live much longer than those who choose conventional treatments.

Budwig died in 2003 at the age of 94. Her many thousands of successful cancer cures were based on improving the patient’s diet, detoxification, removing sugar and animal protein from the diet, and the use of a special combination of flaxseed oil and something called quark (a type of cottage cheese).

What Budwig was trying to do is get as much healthy oil into the body’s cells as quickly as possible, so as to allow more oxygen into the cells. She found that the mixture of flaxseed oil and quark provided the best result.

Her basic recipe was to blend one part of high-quality organic flaxseed oil with two parts of organic quark or cottage cheese. The best choice would be cottage cheese that is made from unpasteurized, un-homogenized, organic milk. Mix this in a blender until all the oil disappears. Use the mixture to consume three to six tablespoons of flaxseed oil per day.

This mixture helps to supply healing omega-3 fatty acids to the body’s cells. Normally, fats have to be processed by the liver and the gall bladder to make them easy for the body’s cells to absorb. However, when you are sick, these processes can be impaired. The cottage cheese contains sulfur-containing proteins that enables this formula to bypass the normal processes, making the oils water soluble, and quickly saturating the cells with healing oils. The oils have an anti-inflammatory effect and help to bring critical oxygen into the cells. Together, these effects may help cancer go away.

I would suggest that anyone wishing to use the Budwig protocol do their own research on the subject. Like anything else, the Budwig protocol is not for everyone. But it has worked well for many decades and is worthy of your consideration, and not only for cancer. This protocol improves cell function, reduces inflammation, and oxygenates tissues. It can be beneficial for just about any chronic disease, especially since we are all eating the wrong oils. For more information on how to prevent and reverse cancer, read my book Never Fear Cancer Again.