Dr. Samuel Broder, former director of the National Cancer Institute, once said, “Each time a patient comes in and needs cancer therapy, you could say it was a failure of prevention.” Strange as it may seem, if you ask people how to prevent breast cancer, the number one answer is “get a mammogram.” Yet mammograms only find existing cancer, they do nothing to prevent cancer. In addition, they do nothing to lower breast cancer mortality. In short, they are useless, not to mention—dangerous.

Talk about dangerous—a 2011 study in Lancet Oncology concluded that the more mammograms you get, the more cancer you get. This should not be surprising since we know that X-rays cause cancer. Further, mammograms provide no benefits. A 2015 study in the Journal of the American Medical Association looked at data from 16 million women, concluding that mammograms do not save lives and actually do harm due to false positives, overtreatment, and radiation induced cancers. The study found that a higher incidence of cancer is associated with a higher number of mammograms.

It simply defies logic that the best way to avoid dying from breast cancer is to expose yourself to lots of cancer-causing radiation. It has been known for decades that thermograms are a more effective and safer way to test for breast cancer. But the best treatment for any disease is prevention. Whenever someone is sick, it is a failure of prevention. Almost every American has serious nutritional deficiencies, and that’s why we have so much disease and why we need to supplement. For example, the average vitamin D level in breast cancer patients is about 17 ng/ml, while healthy levels are between 50 and 90 ng/ml.  Iodine deficiency is another problem with breast cancer. Body levels of iodine have dropped in half over the last three decades.

I recommend that everyone read my book Never Fear Cancer Again. This book tells you everything you need to know. We all need to learn how to eat a healthy diet with lots of fresh, organically-grown vegetables and fruits. Get the sugar out of your life! Supplement with B vitamins, vitamins C, D, and E, beta carotene, quercitin, curcumin, selenium, and CoQ10. Learn how to avoid environmental toxins, and be sure to sauna on a regular basis to remove toxins already stored in body tissues. Exercise regularly, and measure your pH regularly to keep it in the normal range.

Any cancer is a failure of prevention, and prevention is your responsibility.  Never Fear Cancer Again gives you the knowledge you need to execute that responsibility.