The propaganda continues…

Drug companies are waging war against vitamins. This war is easy to understand when you consider that drugs do nothing to prevent or cure disease and that drugs are so toxic they are the third leading cause of death, killing hundreds of thousands of people per year. Meanwhile, vitamins prevent and cure disease, while killing no one. It is easy to see why drug companies want to get rid of the competition.

One of the latest assaults on vitamins was published March 28 in, and it was widely distributed. The title was: “I took multivitamins every day for a decade. Then I found out they were useless.” The author speaks the truth. The vitamins she was taking were useless. But that doesn’t mean that vitamins are useless. The propaganda value is to make everyone to believe that all vitamin products are useless, not just the ones she was taking.

The author cited a 2013 study in the Annuls of Internal Medicine that concluded: “Evidence is sufficient to advise against routine supplementation, supplements do not prevent chronic disease or death, their use is not justified, and they should be avoided.”

I am very familiar with this study. The conclusion of the researchers is scientifically sound, but there is a catch: The popular brand vitamins used in the study were biologically worthless. They could not possibly show any benefit, and they didn’t.

I can take one look at the list of ingredients and tell you that such products, made with synthetic vitamins, inorganic minerals and toxic artificial colors and flavors, are of little to no value. This is the problem in the industry—most vitamin products don’t work. Yet thousands of studies have proven their need and their value.

A major study by the National Academy of Sciences concluded that it is no longer possible to get the nutrition we need from food alone. The Academy recommended that everyone supplement. Yet the drumbeat continues to get the vitamin products that do work off the market, so as not to compete with the toxic drugs that make you sick and kill you. Supplementation is necessary. We should all being doing it, but it is essential to use high-quality supplements with biologically correct ingredients.