Olive oil is not only delicious, but the research is in and olive oil has been proven to help prevent Alzheimer’s, cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, as well as improving learning and memory. This is something you want in your diet, but there is a problem. You must find the right source because most of the olive oil on the market is junk.

Only real extra virgin olive oil will provide the nutrients needed to get the health benefits, and although you can find extra virgin olive oil at any grocery store, you can’t always trust the label. Fraud in this industry is rampant, and you don’t know what you are buying. At best, most of it is a little olive oil diluted with other unhealthy, highly-processed oils. At worst, it is a highly-processed vegetable oil disguised with coloring and aroma. One problem is this fraud has been going on for so long that that consumers have become accustomed to buying bad oils and they have become addicted to the low prices. It is estimated that eighty percent of the olive oil on the market is fake. Such oils have a negative effect on your health. Don’t buy them.

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