You need the vitamins…

Women who take vitamins during pregnancy have smarter children. A 2017 study in Lancet Global Health found that taking vitamins during pregnancy boosted a child’s cognitive abilities by up to a year of schooling. These findings come as no surprise to those of us who study such matters.  Numerous studies have determined the benefits of supplementing when pregnant.

However, there is a problem. While many physicians recommend prenatal vitamins, most of the products sold into this market are low quality and of little biological value. In fact, a 2016 study in the Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin concluded that multivitamin supplements that are frequently marketed to pregnant women, to give their babies the best possible start in life, do not improve the health of the mothers or their babies.

Many women have shown me the prenatal products that their physicians recommended, and I am aghast at the low quality and the lack of knowledge displayed. As I was writing this article, I looked at the formula for one of the top selling prenatal brands. The nutrients were not only inexpensive, mostly biologically worthless chemicals, but the formula even contained toxic FD&C colors—not something a fetus needs. No wonder the above study showed no benefits from taking such products.

Pregnant women should be supplementing with vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids. In fact, they should be tasking them long before becoming pregnant. However, only high-quality supplements will give you what you need in the biological forms that the body requires. To learn more, Google my report “The Roadmap to Supplements” by Raymond Francis.