It has been known for decades that chemotherapy is useless and deadly. Yet chemo is so profitable it remains the go-to treatment for cancer. It’s hard to break old habits, no matter how bad they may be. The truth is most cancer patients die from their treatments and not from their cancer, but the public is kept in the dark on this.

A 2016 study in Lancet Oncology found that chemotherapy can kill up to 50 per cent of patients within thirty days. For treatment that can easily cost $10,000 per month, that’s an expensive way to kill yourself. Some chemo drugs can cost as much as $65,000 per month! Chemo does not discriminate between healthy cells and cancer cells; it kills them both.

Chemo can shrink tumors, but it doesn’t cure the cancer. Even if you don’t die in the first thirty days, over time, if the chemo doesn’t kill you first, the cancer will come back and kill you. Meanwhile, the FDA limits access to safer, natural treatments that are less expensive and more effective.

So what if you have cancer? The answer is educate yourself. Studies show that cancer patients who do no treatment live longer than those who do standard treatments, and those who do effective natural treatments can go on to live normal lives. A good start is to read my book Never Fear Cancer Again.