Diet and lifestyle are everything. You are what you eat!  Every cell in your body is made out of the food you have consumed.  If you eat junk, your body will be made of junk.  If you build your house out of junk, it will blow away in the first big storm. Your body is no different.  It must be built of high-quality building materials, and this is impossible to do if you consume the standard American diet, which has been proven to be incapable of supporting healthy life—even in rats.

Fresh, organic plant foods are what we should be eating. Processed foods, such as breakfast cereals, packaged foods, canned foods, and foods made with refined sugars, grains, and oils will not support healthy life. They are low in nutrition and high in toxins. Beyond our nutrient-deficient diets and excessive exposure to environmental toxins, our lifestyles are having a major impact on our health. Many of today’s health problems are linked to modern lifestyles that are simply incompatible with optimal biological functioning. We are the most sedentary people in history, yet it is a fact that an active lifestyle lowers the risk of getting sick and helps in getting well. In fact, exercise is one of the single most effective medicines in the world—far more effective than prescription drugs. Yet one in three Americans gets little to no exercise at all. But they are probably taking prescription drugs!

Sleep is another issue. Unfortunately, a good night’s sleep is increasingly losing out to late-night TV, the Internet, emails, and the other distractions of modern life. Lawrence Epstein, president of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine said, “We have in our society this idea that you can just get by without sleep or manipulate when you sleep without any consequences. What we’re finding is that’s just not true.”

The body is designed for certain sleep patterns and disturbing those patterns can seriously alter the balance of hormones in your body. The reality is our bodies have been programmed over millennia to sleep when it’s dark and be awake during daylight. This is how our ancestors lived, and if you do otherwise, you are sending conflicting signals to the body. Sleep affects immunity, blood pressure, diabetes, and even obesity, and when you change traditional sleep patterns, this upsets normal biochemistry and causes disease.

Sunlight is another lifestyle issue. We have all been told to avoid the sun.  This is a big mistake and it is killing people.  Our ancestors were out in the sun all the time, and they didn’t get cancer. Yet we are repeatedly advised to avoid the sun. This bad advice has created an epidemic of vitamin D deficiency, costing countless thousands of lives from vitamin D deficiency diseases such as: heart disease, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, type 1 diabetes, infections, autoimmune diseases, depression, asthma and cancer. Sunlight is like an essential nutrient, and a magic elixir for the body. It’s one of nature’s most powerful healing agents and goes way beyond the benefits of creating vitamin D.

About 90 percent of our vitamin D comes from the interaction of sunlight with cholesterol-like compounds in our skin. If sunlight were bad for us, why would Mother Nature make us dependent on it? We are designed to need sunlight, and the more sunlight you get, the healthier you will be. Of course, don’t get sunburned; sunburn damages the body. In fact, because people who live in the northern latitudes get less sunlight, they get more cancer. Northerners get more of all kinds of vitamin D deficiency diseases. More than 40 percent of the U.S. population is vitamin D deficient, and that can go up to 75 percent by the end of the winter. Vitamin D is crucial to immune function, and flu spreads quickly in the winter because people are vitamin D deficient.

Give your body what it needs to do its job and it will give you the gift of good health. Continuing to eat a diet of packaged, processed foods will destroy your health. Fresh, organic plant foods give your body what it needs.  This along with adequate exercise, sleep, sunlight, and a high-quality supplement program will go a long way toward keeping you biologically young and healthy for a long lifetime. For more information, read my book Never Feel Old Again, it explains why aging is a mistake and tells you how to avoid it.