For decades I have observed that vaccinated children are less healthy than non vaccinated children. Finally, two studies have been published concluding this is so. However, the Journal of Translational Science has retracted these studies shortly after publishing them.

One study found that vaccinating preterm babies increases the risk of neurological development disorders such as autism and A.D.H.D. by 700 percent. The second study found that vaccinated children were twice as likely to develop a chronic disease as non vaccinated children, and that vaccinated children were far more likely to require medications and other health care services. The vaccinated were 300 percent more likely to develop allergies, 600 percent more likely to develop pneumonia, and 300 percent more likely to develop a neurological development disorder.

Most people don’t know that there are no studies proving the safety and efficacy of vaccines. Yet the mounting evidence indicates that they are not safe or effective. It is almost impossible to get anything published questioning the safety of vaccines, and one has to wonder why these studies were retracted shortly after being published. On the bottom line, the public is being kept in the dark.