They are costing taxpayers billions…

Both the government and the disease industry claim that vaccines are safe and effective. Of course, there is no scientific proof to support these claims. Yet you are supposed to believe it.

The problem is vaccines are not effective and not safe. They are so unsafe, the drug industry forced the government to give them immunity from any legal liability resulting from vaccine injuries. Instead of holding drug companies liable for selling dangerous products and to compensate the injured, the government is holding the taxpayer liable under the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

The only good news for the taxpayer is that it is extremely difficult to get any money out of this program. Decisions often take two to ten years, and the disease industry’s expert witnesses always testify that the vaccines are safe. It’s so difficult; most people don’t even bother to file a claim. It’s a waste of time and takes years. In the vast majority of injuries, no one ever files a claim because the doctors convince them that the injuries had nothing to do with the vaccines. Still, taxpayers have already shelled out over $3.6 billion dollars under this program. Not a minor sum and that’s the tip of the iceberg—so much for vaccines being safe.

The truth is that virtually everyone who gets a vaccination is injured to one degree or another, so we all need compensation, and the damage increases with each additional vaccination. Think twice before allowing anyone to vaccinate you or your children. To learn more about vaccines, read my book The Great American Health Hoax.