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Interviews & Lectures with Raymond

Rob and Ray on Jax 4 Morning Show!

How to solve the healthcare crisis

Raymond is a guest on the “Health Factor” with Helen Fu. Helen talks with renowned author Raymond Francis about health issues, his book series, and his opinion on asphalt plants.

Raymond on with Barry for “Breakthrough with Barry Farber

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“The Dangers of Cell Phones”

“Breakfast Cereals”

“Orange Juice”

“Vitamin E”

“Pollution and Diesel Engines”

“Mercury Fillings”


“Heart Failure”

“Vaccine Injuries “

“Are you losing your mind?”

“Flashback Friday Presents – Americans are Overmedicated

“Worthless Medical Research”

“Bone Fractures”

“Cell Phones & Children”

“Anesthesia and Children”

“Pesticides on Produce”

“Flashback Friday – Statin Drugs are Poison”

“Zinc Deficiency”

“Raymond answers questions at the Palm Beach Round Table”

“Raymond at The Palm Beach Round Table”


“Air Filters”

“Saunas & You”



“Autoimmune Disease”

“Liver Malfunction”

“The Dangers of Chemotherapy”

“Sports Drinks”

“Just Cool It!”

“Looking Young with Glutathione”

“Our Life Expectancy”

“Olive Oil for Sunscreen?”

“The Keys to Good Health”

“A Sea of Toxins”

“Vitamins & Soil Depletion”

“Should I Eat Salmon?”

“Children Born Sick”

“Is The Honey Safe”

“Memory Improvement”

“Aging Gracefully”

“Why You Should Use PH Papers”

“Vitamin D & Memory”

“Chlorinated Pools”

“How to Handle Depression”

“High Blood Pressure & Vitamin C”

“Mold Allergies and Vitamin D”

“Body Repair”

“Autism & Air Pollution”

“Beauty In Nutrition”

“What You Need to Know About Meat”

“Fast Food Toxins”

“Dementia & Drugs”


“Beautiful Skin with MSM”

“The Zika Virus Scare!”

“Magnesium Deficiency”

“Let’s Talk About Fiber”

“High Cholesterol”

“Trouble with Balance”

“Best Value in Vitamins”

“2016 Elections & Supplements”

“Dietary Guidelines” 

“What About Almond Milk?”

“Probiotics and You”

“The Sugar in Fruit”


“Don’t Drink the Water!”  

“A Simple Approach to Weight Loss”  

“Do You Need a Multivitamin?” 

“Vitamin D and Alzheimer’s”

“Flu Shot Phooey!”

Older Videos

“What Is Disease”

Rob schneiders to raymond francis

The Great American Health Hoax: Why Getting Sick is a Big Mistake You Can Avoid – Raymond Francis & Silicon Valley Health Institute

43rd annuual cancer control society convention