Let’s look at the drugs…

It has been over two weeks since the tragic mass shooting in Las Vegas, and we are still not sure of a motive. Perhaps there was no motive, just a screwed-up mind. Politicians and the media are quick to blame guns. But is the real cause going unrecognized? Guns are inanimate objects like knives, bombs, and trucks. These objects are not the problem. The problem is what people do with them.  If you want to hurt people, you can always find a way—build a bomb or rent a truck. Let’s consider something the media and the politicians are not looking at.

Over the last 20 years, almost every mass shooting has involved shooters on psychiatric drugs. The Las Vegas shooter, Stephen Paddock, was taking a psychiatric anti-anxiety medication that is known to promote violent behavior and psychotic episodes. Drugs like Prozac has been clearly linked to increased risk for violent, and even homicidal behavior. The Columbine killings, Red Lake High School, Sandy Hook elementary school, the Batman Movie shooting, Virginia Tech, Orlando Pulse nightclub, the Congressional baseball shooting and many others all had similar circumstances—shooters on mind altering prescription drugs. According to PsychDrugShooters.com, over 100 mass shootings have been carried out by people taking psychiatric medications. These drugs affect different people in different ways. While some may be calmed by them, people with underlying aggression problems can become very aggressive. For example, alcohol calms most people, but makes others very aggressive.

The truth is this. It is well known that prescription psychiatric medications have been repeatedly linked to suicides, violence, and to mass shootings. Yet, the media and the politicians are not questioning these associations. The role of psychiatric drugs in these shootings is not being addressed.  Has there been a media blackout because of the enormous economic power that drug companies have over the media and politicians? Further, the doctors who prescribe these dangerous drugs have never been held accountable the deaths they are causing.

It’s time to take a fresh look at this violence and examine the role of prescription drugs and the doctors who prescribe them.