It’s not their fault…

When I took sick in 1985, I went to thirty-six top specialists. Not a single one was of any help, and one almost killed me. In the nick of time, I used my own knowledge of biochemistry to save my life and to restore my health. I was astounded by their lack of knowledge. Little has changed since then. We know how to cure cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and most other diseases. Yet your doctor doesn’t have a clue.  Why?

Part of the answer was provided by Oxford University professor Sir George Pickering, M.D., a renowned expert in medical education, who said in a 1971 British Medical Journal: “Medical education in the U.S. is, to a large extent, worship at the shrine of worthless knowledge. We produce scientific illiterates.”

In short, our medical students get cheated. We don’t teach them what they need to know to be effective. They are not taught nutrition, biochemistry, a scientific approach to problem-solving, or anything about human health. They learn anatomy and how to prescribe drugs. Then we cut them loose to “practice” medicine on an unsuspecting public. Physicians end up doing more harm than good, and this is why medical intervention has become the leading cause of death. People are sick and getting sicker, and costs are out of control.

Medical school education is controlled by drug companies, whose interest is to sell more drugs. Students are not trained to look for the underlying causes of illness, but to prescribe toxic chemicals that mask the symptoms of a disease. Meanwhile, the toxicity of the drugs makes people sicker and even kills them.

While physicians are generally trying to help their patients, information that might actually help them do that is kept from them. Medical journals and researchers receive major funding from drug companies. Most of what appears in medical journals are scientifically-worthless junk science. It’s advertising disguised as science to support drug sales. Journals are biased against publishing any research findings that could undercut drug sales. Ditto for information that contradicts the marketing claims of their advertisers.

The same bias holds for the major organizations that are supposed to be finding better treatments for patients. All these organizations take money from the drug companies and want to maintain the status quo because having a cure for diabetes, cancer, heart disease and others would put them out of business. No wonder Linus Pauling once said, “Most cancer research is a fraud.” The business model of the disease industry is to sell as much of their products as possible. Benefitting the patient is the lowest priority.

The way out of this mess is through education. Empower yourself. Learn how to get well and stay well. Read my book The Great American Health Hoax.